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Valefor Seal

Valefor the Ronin or Valefor, is a Duke who takes an accounting of thieves and even of those who are tempted to steal. Valefor wanders, very much like a Ronin, in search of these souls. He is as swift and as powerful as a lion. When he appears to the thief, he has the head of an ass because that's what a thief is.

A thief is a thief who steals a physical item, another man's wife, or a wife's husband.

Valefor's mystical number, 10, and his Lion and Equestrian elements are all aligned with Lilith. Lilith is known for causing miscarriages in righteous women, as a form of punishment for the misdeeds of their unrighteous family members. This is why the righteous woman is bellowing, "Why me? Wasn't I righteous before the Lord?". In reply, Lilith whispers, "Brothers and Sisters, Fathers and Mothers, are you righteous too?"

Lilith rising


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