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Paimon the Republican or Paimon, is a Great King and very obedient unto LUCIFER. He appeareth in the form of a Man sitting upon a Dromedary with a Crown most glorious upon his head.

Napoléon on a Dromedary

Napoléon on a Dromedary

Paimon was invoked in 1777, during the Age of Enlightenment, when the Bavarian Illuminati movement was up and running by Adam Weishaupt. At about this time, Napoléon Bonaparte who at the age of nine, left home and entered the military academy at Brienne in northern France. In July 1789, when Bonaparte was just a month short of his 20th birthday—the Republican had welcomed the outbreak of the French Revolution.

Twenty years later, upon Napoleon's arrival to Suez, Egypt, the Général en chef met some Arabs escorting a caravan on dromedaries. Noticing the skill with which they rode these animals, the general ordered Eugène Beauharnais and Edouard Colbert to attempt to mount and ride a camel. The officers executed the general's order with ease [to such an extent that] the latter was forced to gallop after them. Unable to catch up, Bonaparte declared that within a month, he would have a regiment of dromedaries, charged with policing Egypt. On 9 January 1799, Bonaparte established a dromedary regiment.

The Spirit of Paimon hath a great Voice, and roareth at his first coming, and his speech is such that the Magician cannot well understand it unless he can compel him. This Spirit can teach all Arts and Science, and other secret things. When Napoleon Bonaparte was elected to the French Institute, he liked to impress its members with learned discourse on every subject from music to science. Later, at Erfurt in 1808, he would take time off negotiations with the Czar of Russia to dazzle Goethe with his knowledge.

Paimon is to be observed towards the West. He is of the Order of Dominations. He hath under him 200 Legions of Spirits, and part of them are of the Order of Angels, and the other part of Potentates. The Grimoire of Pope Honorius states that King Paimon is king of the west. On 18 May 1804, Napoleon Bonaparte became emperor of the First French Empire, straight out of the Napoleonic Wars which extended West.

And to Paimon there will attend him two Kings called LABAL and ABALIM and also other Spirits who be of the Order of Potentates in his Host, and 25 Legions. Napoleon's step-son Eugène de Beauharnais had under his command 50,000 troops to defend the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy against the Austrian Empire. General Edouard de Colbert was a French cavalry commander who fought under Napoleon from the Egyptian campaign to Waterloo. Beauharnais and Colbert were two of Napoleon's main attendants.

"Pau, Nay, Loron, more fire than blood,
Swimming in praise, the great man hurries to the confluence.
He will refuse entry to the magpies,
Pampon and Durrance will confine them. "
—Nostrodamous, 1555

Pau, Nay, and Loron are towns of Paris. Rearranging the letters spells Napaulon Roy. This has led some to believe that Napoléon Bonaparte is the first Antichrist mentioned by Nostrodamous.