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Eligos Seal

Eligos the Wharf or Eligos, is a Great Duke and appeareth in the form of a goodly Knight, carrying a Lance, an Ensign, and a Serpent. He discovereth hidden things, and knoweth things to come; and of Wars, and how the Soldiers will or shall meet. He causeth the Love of Lords and Great Persons.

In the 1904 work, 777 And Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley, Crowley indicates that Eligos bears a banner.

In 1986, a screenwriter named Eugene got to work on drafting characters for his next hot television show. For the past ten years, Eugene had been involved with a Research Group led by former U.S. Army medical captain, Andrija Puharich who was experimenting with telepathic entities. Puharich's group had sometimes been called Lab-Nine. At group meetings, Eugene had made contact with something or someone on the otherside. His experience inspired him to create nine main science exploration characters for his next show.

Eligos avatar

Avatar of Eligos

One of Eugene's characters in particular wears a sash or banner, whose background story involves having been an ensign with a science federation as early as 17 years old. The character struggles to be part of the team because he is considered different, but his leader, a Great Person, sets all differences aside and enables him to become a goodly Knight, Lieutenant and Commander.

In Greek mythology, Ares symbol is the serpent, he is a god of war whose lance is that of a spear. He is not always well recieved by the council. Ares, or Mars, embodies the Spirit of Eligos. Eugene's character of the goodly Knight has a background of being bred from a warrior race who value honor and combat. His lance is called a Bat'leth.

In Eugene's creation, the goodly Knight's duties include taking control of a ship's maneuvering controls, a line officer who was in command of the bridge. This is an important duty for engaging in war, knowing how engagements shall meet, and for ships to dock safely at a wharf.


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