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About this Wiki

The main purpose of Demons Wiki is to make the life of writers much easier. All content on this wiki could be used by writers in their stories.

Canon Demons

Most canon demons are Demons of Ars Goetia, who serve one of the Seven Princes of Hell.

The following books are considered as canon material by this Wikia:

  • The Lanterne of Light's classification of demons, published in 1409.
  • Binsfeld's classification of demons, published in 1589.
  • Lesser Key of Solomon, published in the 17th century.

In order for a demon to be considered canon material, the demon needs to be part of a official book that is not considered as a 'complete' work of fiction. As such, only books similar to those three can be considered as canon, due to the fact that people who were living at that time believed the demons in those books actually existed.

Fanon Demons

Fanon demons added to this Wiki must all be created by the users themselves, do not add content from other series to this wiki. When adding new demons to this Wiki, copy the source code from New Demon in order to save time, as this is the official format for recently created demons. Try to come up with original names for the new demons (anyone can find a couple of foreign words or a name generator, however it would not be very original).

Image policy

Images posted on this site should either be from official sources such as wikipedia, or specifically created for this wiki (with the original authors permission).


There are a total of 506 Canon and 237 Fanon Demons on this Wiki.