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Deanmon - is Dean Winchester's inner demon, who awakened in the hunter's body thanks to the Seal of Cain. Also Crowley's right hand man, a knight of hell..

Physical appearance: Unlike Dean Winchester, his light alter ego combs his hair back and wears a burgundy shirt. Changes green eyes to black.


3 season:[]

The first mentioned 3x9 Malleus Maleficarum learns that people become demons in hell and turns into a demon himself..

Then he appears in episode 3x10 "A Midsummer Night's Dream" where he is Dean's worst nightmare, who listens to a speech from his dark copy about the uselessness of the hunter and his insignificance. The dream's Deanmon taunts him, saying that Dean won't be able to escape his fate and reminds him that when Dean Winchester goes to Hell, he will become a demon. Next, Dean, unable to bear what has accumulated in his soul, fights with his dark alter ego, who at the end of the dream shouts:

" You're gonna die. And this. This is what you are going to become!"

9 season:[]

In episode 9х23 «Do You Believe in Miracles?» After Dean accepts the Mark of Cain from Cain himself in Season 9, it begins to change him, giving him supernatural abilities, increasing his bloodlust, and causing him to become addicted to using the First Blade. When Metatron kills him, Crowley puts the First Blade in Dean's hand, and then the Mark of Cain resurrects a demon in Dean's body - a knight of hell with the additional bonus that he is invulnerable to exorcism, since technically he does not possess his body, but is its natural "owner"

10 season:[]

In episode 10х01 "Black" Deanmon wakes up in Dean's body and goes on a rampage with Crowley while Sam tries to figure out what happened to his brother. Meanwhile, at the Black Spur bar, Deanmon sings karaoke for the first time and plays foosball with Crowley. In Wisconsin, Sam is shown security footage of Neely attacking Deanmon and killing him with the First Blade. Meanwhile, in The Black Spur, Demon Dean is attacked by another demon. Deanmon says that Abaddon's henchmen - this one and the one at the gas station - are the same, and kills him. Sam freezes the image and sees Deanmon's black eyes. At the gas station, Sam finds Neely's phone and calls it. Crowley answers the call and reveals that Dean's inner demon has awakened in his body due to the Mark of Cain. Sam tracks the call and learns that they are in Boyle, North Dakota. Crowley tells Deanmon that he sent Abaddon's minions to him to feed the Mark of Cain. The King of Hell wanted him and Dinmon to rule Hell together. Sam then goes to Boyle and the man who received the fax with "Dean's" photo offers to help and knocks Sam out. Deanmon then gets drunk and sings karaoke again, much worse than before. In the morning, a woman from the bar brings him a “hangover cure,” but Deanmon refuses and insults her, calling her a whore. After which she immediately leaves because Deanmon kicked her out. Cole Trenton ties Sam up and tells him that he is hunting Dean. He then calls Deanmon from Sam's phone and begins to blackmail him, saying that he will kill Sam if the demon Dean does not come. Deanmon responds by saying that he doesn’t care, and at the end of the conversation he promises to kill Cole.

In episode 10х02 "Reichenbach" Demon Dean beats up a security guard in a strip bar, then drinks from a glass and leaves. Afterwards he runs into boys who tell him off, and Crowley stands next to him, and then offers to chat with Dinmonon about important matters. Crowley notices that Deanmon is becoming more and more aggressive. Demon Dean thinks this is just a mild side effect of his new life as a demon, but Crowley realizes that the Mark of Cain needs to be fed. Crowley and Dean are chatting at the bar. Crowley knows that someday Deanmon will lose his temper, so he invites him to kill, but not the first person he meets, but as a crossroads demon, under a contract. Crowley tells Deanmon that a certain Mindy Morris is cheating on her husband Lester, and he caught her doing this. Deanmon guesses that Lester sold his soul in exchange for revenge on his wife, who demands a divorce and wants to take half of the property. Deanmon sees Lester in the car and gets into his passenger seat. Lester is indignant, but learns that Deanmon is the very demon who must fulfill his order under the contract. Demon Dean doesn’t like the customer, he calls him a loser who cheats on his wife and sold his soul to kill her, in the end Deanmon kills him. Upon learning of this, Crowley gets angry, but Deanmon hits him in the face. "Are you a demon or a human?" - Crowley asks Deanmon and demands to choose a side. But Deanmon approaches Crowley menacingly. Crowley warns that this will end badly. Dinmon tells Crowley that he better stay away from him and sends the king of hell. Crowley finds Sam, who takes out a knife, but the demon offers a deal. He plans to tell Sam how to find Deanmon and take him with him, but asks for the First Blade in return. Next, Deanmon drinks and plays the piano for himself in a bar. He cuts his palm with the First Blade and watches as the wound heals. Sam appears. He offers Demon Dean to heal, but he does not agree. At this time, a grenade with tear gas flies through the window, and Cole is standing at the entrance to the bar, who hits Sam and knocks him out. Cole pulls out a gun and waits for Deanmon. He then says that Dean killed his father years ago by stabbing him to death, and the hunter wants revenge. Deanmon replies that leaving Cole's father alive would be a mistake. Cole hides the gun and takes out a knife, he wants to enjoy the moment of revenge longer. Deanmon easily defeats Cole in a fight, and when he quietly takes out a second knife and hits the enemy in the face, the wound heals in front of the hunter’s eyes, and when Cole asks the question “What are you,” and Dinmon replies that “I am a demon” . Next, Sam attacks Deanmon from behind and quickly handcuffs him. Next, Deanmon is sitting in the car, Sam is settling accounts with Crowley. Sam says that there is still something human in him, because he did not kill Cole, but Deanmon replies that if he had been hunting someone all his life, and this someone, in case of failure, could not be killed, then this worse than death.

In episode 10х03 Crowley begins to realize that Deanmon's demonic antics are causing trouble in Hell for him as King. Sam continues to make every effort to bring his brother back to life. Sam Winchester, with the help of his purified blood, also tries to cure Deanmon, injects him with a syringe every hour, and ultimately succeeds. Sam kills the Deanmon and brings back his brother.

Interesting Facts:[]

  • The scene where Deanmon smashes the door to the Bunker's electrical room was an homage to the famous scene from Stanley Kubrick's The Shining.
    • Deanmon had an affair with Dark Charlie - Dark Celeste hints about this to Dean in episode 10x11 before the fight with the elder Winchester, when the hunter reminds her of Deanmon with his characteristic phrase: "You take one more step, I'm gonna put you down."

Celeste responded to this in a lustful and admiring tone:

"There's the Dean I love."

Deanmon also taught her to hurt others who deserve it - Dark Charlie also mentioned this in dialogue with Dean during a fight, where Dean warns Celeste with the phrase:

"She's in pain now because of you!"

To which Dark Charlie responds:

"I learned this from watching you!"

It is also possible that Demon Dean often beat her when Dark Charlie provoked him, and judging by the fight with Dean Winchester, she found it fun and pleasure.

  • Demon! Dean is a pseudonym used in fandom to refer to a specific depiction of Dean in fan fiction when he is either possessed by a demon.After which it was first popularized in the post-season 3 AU, in which Dean turns into a demon before he escapes hell, and later became the standard for any fanfiction dealing with the canonical consequences of season 9.
  • Also in fanfiction, Dinmon has the nickname “Squirrel” or “Honey Squirrel” - as Dark Charlie often calls him.
  • Deanmon eventually became a canon character. After Dean accepted the Mark of Cain from Cain himself in Season 9, which begins to change him, giving him supernatural abilities, increasing his desire to torture someone, and making him dependent on using the First Blade.
  • The term Deanmon was popularized by the CW promotion "Deanmon Rises", which aired in September 2014 ahead of season 10.

Deanmon Relationship:[]

Crowley - Deanmon considered him his best friend until he began forcing Dinmon to carry out his hellish tasks in order to fuel the Mark of Cain.

Dark Charlie - is the dark alter ego of Charlie Bradbury, with whom Demon was in an crazy hot-lovely physical relationship, based on hints from Celeste in the episode 10x11.

Cole is a hunter who wants Dean Winchester dead because Dean once killed his father.

Episodes with Deanmon:[]

3х10 - Dream a Little Dream of Me

9х23 - Do You Believe in Miracles?

10х01 - Black

10х02 - Reichenbach

10х03 - Soul Survivor