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Buer Seal

Illustration by Louis Breton from Dictionnaire Infernal

Niccolò Machiavelli

Niccolò Machiavelli, an avatar of Buer

Buer the Well or Buer, is a Great President who appeareth in Sagittary, and that is his shape when the Sun is there. He teaches Philosophy, both Moral and Natural, and the Logic Art, and also the Virtues of all Herbs and Plants. He healeth all distempers in man, and giveth good Familiars.

In the Age of Pisces, the Sagittarius Era spanned from year 1440 to 1620 AD. During this period, one of the greatest political philosphers emerged—Niccolò Machiavelli. He authored The Prince, the Discourses on Livy, composed c. 1517, a work that paved the way for modern republicanism.

Machiavelli, under the Spirit of Buer, claimed that his experience and reading of history showed him that politics have always been played with deception, treachery and crime. His book, The Prince, has been considered a straightforward description of the evil means used by bad rulers. Others interpret his work as evil recommendations to tyrants to help them maintain power. Machiavelli has even been called a "teacher of evil".

Buer presided over Machiavelli, and what he gave him was access to his well (West German: buer) of political morality. Machiavelli never considered himself a philosopher and often overtly rejected philosophical inquiry as beside the point. Neither does his credentials suggest that he fits within the standard models of academic philosophy. His writings are described as maddeningly and notoriously unsystematic, inconsistent and sometimes self-contradictory.

Machiavelli is noted for appealing to experience and example in place of rigorous logical analysis, and yet he is included among the greatest of political philosophers. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy comments that Machiavelli's critique of philosophical schemes challenges the tradition of political philosophy in a manner that commands attention and demands consideration and response.

Buer's mystical number is 50.