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Seat of Berith

The seat of Berith

Berith Seal

Berith the Serpent or Berith, is a Mighty, Great and Terrible Duke. He hath two other Names given unto him by men of later times, viz.: BEALE or BEAL and BOFRY or BOLFRY.

He appeareth in the form of a Soldier with Red Clothing, riding upon a Red Horse, and having a Crown of Gold upon his head. He giveth true answers, Past, Present and to Come.

Thou must make use of a Ring in calling him forth, as is before spoken of regarding Beleth. He can turn all metals into Gold. He can give Dignities and confirm them unto Man. He speaketh with a very clear and subtle Voice.

Red Dragon

Albrecht Dürer's The Revelation of St John 12 (1471–1528)

He is a Great Liar and not to be trusted unto.

Berith is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible in Judges 9:46 as the god of Shechem. The name derives from the Akkadian Biritu, which can take the meaning of world, universe, creation, creature. Its root word is bryt where the English word "birth" comes from. Therein lies the basis for the ancient concept of a primordial dragon who births creation: Tiamat in Sumerian culture.

Berith was so abhorrent to the Israelites that this god became satan in Hebrew mythology; and in later Judeo-Christian mythology as the seven-headed red dragon, that Old Serpent, in John's Revelation.

The seat of Berith is situated from Shechem (present day West Bank) to Beruit, Lebanon due north.

His mystical number is 26.


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