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Beleth the Barbarosa or Beleth, is the Thirteenth Spirit (Death in Tarot). He is a mighty King and terrible. He rideth on a pale horse with trumpets and other kinds of musical instruments playing before him (See Reich Chamber of Music).

The pale horse often symbolises a bringer of plague.

Beleth is very furious at his first appearance, that is, while the Exorcist layeth his courage; for to do this he must hold a Hazel Wand in his hand, striking it out towards the South and East Quarters. Make a triangle without the Circle and then command him into it by the Bonds and Charges of Spirits as hereafter followeth. And if he doth not enter into the triangle at your threats, rehearse the Bonds and Charms before him, and then he will yield Obedience and come into it.

The Exorcist, a Behemoth, a King and terrible, did just so in 1941. He pointed South to northern Africa with intrests in Libya and Egypt; whilst leaning on Frederick Barbarossa, pointing East to Russia with support points in Ukraine.

Byleth, an illustration from the Dictionnaire Infernal (1818) by Jacques Collin de Plancy


Maus I: A Survivor's Tale: My Father Bleeds History (1980)

Silver Ring for Beleth

The silver Ring to Beleth

Yet the exorcist must receive Beleth courtesously because he is a Great King, and do homage unto him, as the Kings and Princes do that attend upon him. And thou must have always a Silver Ring in the middle finger or the left hand held against thy face, as they do yet before AMAYMON.

Loved Ones

This Great King Beleth causeth all the love that may be, both of Men and of Women, until the Master Exorcist hath had his desire fulfilled. You know who your loved ones are, when you are staring down the barrel of your enemy's weapon.

Beleth's mystical number is 85.

Operation Barbarosa

Click map to see Ukraine support points


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