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The antediluvian Gilgamesh, a city builder

Marbas Seal

Barbas the Antichrist or Barbas or Barabbas, also Marbas or Mabus, (Babylonish: Marduk) is an antichrist who will appear during Final Judgement. He was mentioned in March 1555 in the writings of Nostradamus, Century II, Quatrain 62 as Mabus. He is decribed as a Great President who appears in the form of a Great Lion.

An avatar of Barbas is Gilgamesh, a champion of Sumeria who survived the Great Flood, an event that is also mentioned in the Sumerian King List. Gilgamesh, a city builder, was an Antediluvian who is believed to be Cain himself because Gilgamesh bore the mark of a murderer that was witnessed by a winemaker. Cain was cursed with immortality.

Barbas was present during the Jewish insurrection at Passover in 36 AD as Barabbas. The Pharysees and Saddusees screamed, "Give us Barabbas!" in a plead with Pontius Pilot to take Jesus of Nazareth, The Christ, into custody, in place of Barabbas for execution. Some manuscripts of the Gospel account give the full name of Barabbas as: Jesus Barabbas.

Later medieval writers attribute the Spirit of Barbas as having Great Wisdom and Knowledge in Mechanical Arts; and also, not only causes Disease but can cure them.

Barbas was originally stationed in Sumeria as late as the Ur III period which ended around 2004 BC. The pantheon of the Sumerians and even the Akkadians, who were living in the Cradle of Civilisation, were the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki pantheon was later adopted by the Egyptians as the Ennead, a council of nine deities. According to Dante Santori, the Anunnaki are to return to power after a 4,000 year period. As indicated by Santori, Samuel and Lilith may continue their rule as a Trinity: to usher Barbas the Antichrist, in the flesh. Just as it was with Gilgamesh the Demigod (otherwise known as Cain); Secondly as Barabbas in 36 AD as a trade setup for Jesus Christ; and thirdly as Mabus the Antichrist for 31-Last Judgement.

Barbas' mystical number is 36.


A person possessed by Barbas from February 10, 1999 to September 12, 2004.