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Mook symbol

A symbol of the Mook that was witnessed in 1989

Ayperos Seal

Ayperos the Mook or Ipos, is an Earl, and a Mighty Prince, and appeareth in the form of an Angel with a Lion’s Head, and Goose Feet (C: or foot), and a Hare’s Tail. He knoweth all things Past, Present and to Come. He maketh incompetent men witty and bold.

Ayperos is a Mook. The expression is a slang term from mamlūk (Italian: mammalucco), the Arabic word مَمْلُوك for "slave". It's not that Ayperos is actually a slave, it just means be prepared if you are going to mess around, experiment with, or put to the test in incompetent thinking. Ayperos will then wisen you up, bold if need be.

If you think that making signs of a sigil is going to seal or unseal a Spirit to do your bidding at every command in full Obedience... you're right. Try it, so that you may become wise.

His mystical number is 36.


Ipos, illustration from Dictionnaire infernal, 1818


"The Mook", a drawing from a modern encounter in 1989

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