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Amon the Messenger or Aamon, is a Marquis Great in Power and Stern. He possesses the mystries of Odin, having the ability to shapeshift into elements of a Wolf, Serpent, and Raven.

In Egyptian lore, Amon was recognised as the solar dieties: Atum, Amun, and later as Amun-Ra. The transliteration of his name is imn. The root of this name is AN (Sumerian); by which the unconventional naming expression "I AM" was later given in the "Burning Bush" account concerning Moses on Mount Horeb.

Mount Horeb is where I AM's message was given to Moses, so that these people may know who God is: יהוה. The perfect number of God is Seven. The name Amon is a Tetragram, a word consisting of four letters, and he is typically recorded as the Seventh Spirit in Goetia sources. He is also known to procure and to reconcile feuds.

Amon may have been the satan (Hebrew: adversary) who incited King David to take a census of Israel as recorded in 1 Chronicles 21. David's order upset Joab and was repulsive to him, because the command was evil in the sight of God. God is known to use satans to test mankind.

Amon's mystical number is 40. The perfect number of AN is eight, and five Eights equal Fourty. AN's glyph bears eight points: 𒀭 .

ה ו ה י H V H Y
5 6 5 10 = 26 (2 + 6 = 8)
1 2 3 4 5


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