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Agares Seal
Agares station

Agares Columbia is stationed in the gray zone

Seat of Agares

The seat of Agres Columbia

Agares the Gigantic, or Agares, is he who is under the Power of the East, and who was released from seal by King Solomon himslef in 931 BCE. Solomon sought Agares in order to deal with Hadad the Edomite.

His mystical number is 31.

After Agares had been released some 3,000 years ago, his destiny has been to go Westbound. Thus, when he settled in the West, he manifested himelf to appear as a gigantic woman who is called Columbia.

Agares Columbia is stationed west of Quebec, all through the western part of the United States (west of the Rocky Mountains). Before 1831, her station extended as far south as Mexico.

The seat of Agares is the entire Groom Lake area reaching as far as San Francisco, California, for a diameter of 331 miles.

Agares as Columbia

Agares the Gigantic, called Columbia, who manifested a destiny to head West

Agares appearance

The appearance of Agares in female form around 1760


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